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In this Catalogue you can find the annotated links to Catalogues on any one theme or category from areas: economy, industry, agriculture, science, art, culture, history, policy, religion, education, finance, banks, business, investment, trade, country, city, family, immigration, emigration, mass-media, Internet, computers, search systems, medicine, sports, game, acquaintance, entertainment...

  1. EmbassyWeb. The catalogue of the sites of diplomatic representations (with the contact information); on-line sources of the information about diplomatic, international affairs, trade, policy, travels, world news. 

  2. Europages. The European Business Directory Search system of the European companies, catalogue on a structure of the company and search machines under the name of the companies and on products made by the company. Search in 6 languages.

  3. Europe Online. The European Portal, catalogues on themes and on the countries, catalogue on resources, interactive map of Europe. There is a search machine on the site. 

  4. Facets of Religion. The catalogue of the sites devoted to the basic religions of the peoples of the world.

  5. Femina. The catalogue of the links to the sites for the women, about the women, created by the women. There is a possibility of search on the site. 

  6. FindLaw. The catalogue of Internet-resources devoted to the legislation and jurisprudence. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  7. FirstGov for Kids  Welcome to the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal. This site was developed and is maintained by the Federal Consumer Information Center. It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject. Explore, learn, have fun and don't forget to bookmark us!

  8. Folkart. Folk Art Society of AmericaNational. The information on events, actors and conferences, and also articles and catalogue of the books devoted to national creativity of the Americans.

  9. Food Contact. The catalogue  of the sites of the manufacturers and exporters of products of a meal and drinks in USA.  

  10. Free Classified Links. The catalogue  of the links to the sites, free-of-charge placing advertisements.

  11. Free Graphics. Thematic catalogue of the links on free-of-charge graphic resources.

  12. Free Links 4U. The catalogue  of the links to the sites offering the free-of-charge software and the recommendation for work with it.

  13. Free Site.The  catalogue of sites containing the free-of-charge software, with the brief description of the given program on tens sections.

  14. Free Stuff.  The catalogue of the sites offering the free-of-charge goods and service, on various categories.

  15. Free Stuff Center.  The catalogue of the sites, on which is possible to receive free-of-charge resources: the books, catalogues, coupons, software,  game etc. the post dispatch of news of a site Is offered.

  16. Freeware Connection. The catalogue of sites containing the free-of-charge software.

  17. Free webmasters tools and meta search. Center for free high quality webmaster tools and search engines. There are the entrance forms 46 search machines, 14 meta search systems, 7 systems for search E-mail. Among them own metasearch machine KHR One Stop Search.

  18. Galaxy Page.The catalogue of the sites devoted to study of Galax and Solar system.

  19. Galttech. Galt Shareware Zone contains the lists, description and links to the various shareware and  freeware programs.

  20. Guide to Computer Vendors. The catalogue of sites of the manufacturers and sellers software and hardware  with a posibility of search.

  21. Guide to Web Counters. The catalogue of the software for Web-servers: counters, program for reception and processing of statistics.

  22. Google. The Search machine on keywords and phrases, reliable search.

  23. History Channel Traveler. The catalogue of resources Internet with the information for the tourists interested by historical sights of USA: by places connected to known historical events, civil war, pop-culture. The items of information on festivals, historical museums. A calendar of cultural events of America, plans of routes. There is an opportunity of booking of the air tickets, places in hotels, rent of automobiles for tourist trips.

  24. Homebase.  Home business. The catalogue of the references and summaries on sites of the family companies in Oswego (state of New York, USA) and worldwide. The catalogue contains some tens sections:  animals and bird, tourism, programming, web-design and others. The search of materials on a keyword is possible.

  25. Home Cooking. The Culinary recipes, help information on products of a meal and spices. The catalogue of the links on culinary Internet-resources. Debatable club.

  26. Horse Links for All Breeds. The catalogue about horses.

  27. Infomine. The catalogue of sites devoted to sciences and education. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  28. Insurance Industry Internet Network.  The catalogue of links on the sites of the insurance companies, agencies, insurance agents of the countries of the world. 

  29. Internet ArtResources.  The catalogue of sites devoted to art, on sections: galleries, artists and actors, museums, exhibition, school of arts. The reviews of the books on art, message on occurring measures, press releases. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  30. JavaShareware. JavaShareware promotes Java™ through sharing resources and has created the most comprehensive Java™ site that includes Java™ Applications, Applets, Classes, Servlets, Beans, Development Tools and hundreds of other Java™ projects.  

  31. JavaToys Home Page.  JavaToys is a development resource center dedicated to providing links to on-line information relevant and useful to the Java developer. Here you will find a well-organized collection of links to Java tutorials, reference materials, news, white papers, developing tools, frequently asked questions and much more. You will also experience ICE, an intelligent agent software that automatically updates a list of links to fresh Java news from other sources, and the JavaToys Search Engine that lets you search through all local and offsite Java-related documents!

  32.  Kitchen Link.The catalogue of sites devoted to secrets of cooking and drinks.

  33. Landings. The Catalogue of sites devoted to aircraft. There is a possibility of search on the site. 

  34. Langenberg.  Search and Get There Faster. The search system representing depending on a theme of search the option of the search engine. A few ten thematic sections are offered to a choice.

  35. Law Center. The catalogue of Internet-resources containing the information on the legislation and the lawyers of USA.

  36. Library of Russian Digital Libraries. The catalogue of the annotated references on sites of Russian electronic libraries on sections: common libraries, thematic libraries, convention of the separate authors. There is a Russian version.

  37. Links to Government Servers and Information. The catalogue of sites containing the information of governments of the countries of the world, grouped on continents, countries, regions, cities.

  38. Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines. Meta-search system using resources of conducting world search machines, plenty of additional parameters for optimization of search. A plenty of special search opportunities: business - search, search of the people, E-mail etc.

  39. MegaSports. The catalogue of sites about sports grouped on kinds of sports. The posibility of search on the site.

  40. Medsite. The catalogue of sites about medicine and public health services on sections: alternative medicine, diseases, education, medical practice, magazines. There is a  posibility of search on the site.

  41. Meteo Data of Russia. Web Site of All-Russian Research Institute of
    Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center. On the site: the common items of information on institute, item of information on the historical hydrometeorological data, given from State fund, on a condition of natural environment. The catalogues of the editions containing these supervision. Long-term weather forecast for the Moscow region. The links on meteorological, hydrological, climatic etc. resources of the Internet. There is a Russian version.

  42. Moskow State University. On the site of physical departament of  Moskow State Universiy academical, educational and research information is assembled. For the physicist-researcher the interest can be represented  a rich collection of the links on physical resources, including on TIPTOP, one of the richest catalogues. Also there are links on the servers of organizations, functioning in sphere of educations or giving the valuable physical information. There is a Russian version.

  43. Musalman.  The Islamic Portal. The catalogue of sites, containing the information about Islam, musalman and for musalman. There is a posibility of search on the site.

  44. New age page. The catalogue of sites with the brief descriptions on themes: art, religion, angels, astrology, dreams, education, literature, cinema.

  45. Newsies on the Web.  The catalogue of personal Web-pages of the people, working in the field of journalism: the editors, reporters, on-line of the journalists, photographers.

  46. Newspapers Online. The catalogue of the links on sites of the electronic versions of the newspapers of the world.

  47. Nonags. The catalogue of the links on the sites worldwide, containing the free-of-charge software.

  48. Nova Gate   A gateway to selected Internet resources in the fields of forestry, veterinary, agricultural, food and environmental sciences. In the database you will find descriptions of and links to databases (bibliographic and full-text), directories, events, Internet resource guides, training material, and web sites of key organisations, within the above subject areas. The database covers Nordic resources as well as European resources and those of international organizations.

  49. Onelist E-mail Communities. The alphabetic - thematic catalogue of sheets of post dispatch, free-of-charge opportunity to create and to support own dispatch.

  50. Online Banking Report. The catalogue of the links on sites of banks of USA and countries of the world, credit unions, Internet-banks. The monthly review of financial establishments and services.

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