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In this Catalogue you can find the annotated links to Catalogues on any one theme or category from areas: economy, industry, agriculture, science, art, culture, history, policy, religion, education, finance, banks, business, investment, trade, country, city, family, immigration, emigration, mass-media, Internet, computers, search systems, medicine, sports, game, acquaintance, entertainment...

  1. Online Dictionaries and Glossaries. The catalogue of sites containing the on-line dictionaries and a glossary and sorted on languages.

  2.  Optic. The online photonics resource for the scientist and engineers.

  3. Paperweight Connection.The Information materials about art of a blotter. The information on the international organization International Paperweight Society. A virtual exposition and catalogue of a blotter.

  4. Pedinfo. Dedicated to the dissemination of on-line information for pediatricians and others interested in child health.

  5. Phys.geography.  The catalogue of sites dedicated to a climate, weather forecasts, topography and geography with the brief explanatories.

  6. Plant Link Library.The  Welcome to the Plant Link Library of the Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen UR, a database of plant science related links. There are now 1812 links for you to choose from! Every link is visited at least once before addition to the database. All links are checked regularly and invalid links are updated or removed. The success of this site completely depends upon its users' contributions, so feel free to add, modify or rate links. No endorsement or promotion of any of the listed sites is intended by webweaver or Wageningen UR.

  7. Political Resources on the Net. Listings of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world. 

  8. Politics1. The catalogue of the links on sites about political life in USA: pages of the candidates in the presidents, governors of states, senators, political parties. Results of choices and news of policy of USA.

  9. Radio-on-the-internet. Catalogue of sites of the countries of the world, which is carrying out an announcement in a mode of real time.

  10. Railway Technology. Description of the various railway projects in the world. The catalogue of the equipment, engineering and services. Listing of the companies - suppliers of railway industry. A calendar of exhibitions and conferences.

  11. Ranch & Livestock Links Welcome to the Ranch & Livestock Links Page! Hundreds of Links to Ranch and Livestock Sites including a searchable database Feel free to add your own link, modify your link or just look around! We think you will find these links interesting.

  12. RealGuide. The catalogue of sites broadcasting a TV and a radio programmes of various subjects in a mode of real time.

  13. River Bend Library System. Incorporated server of libraries from states Illinois and Iowa, USA. The information of libraries of the members of system. Electronic libraries of system Quad-LINC. The electronic version of a weekly journal RBLS.

  14. Russian Delphi Page. The links to network resources Delphi. Ftp-address of the freeware programs. Articles about Delphi and Borland. The catalogue of training rates. Addresses of  teleconferences. 

  15. Russian Feminism Resources.  The catalogue of female resources in the Russian Network and resources about the Russian women on all Internet. There is a Russian version.

  16. RXN Communications. The catalogue of Internet-resources connected to chemistry, chemical elements and materials.

  17. SciSeek- science online. A great guide to the best the Internet has to offer in the fields of science and nature. Styled like a conventional Internet guide, this science search engine lists Web sites covering subjects from agriculture and forestry to astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics and the environment. 

  18.  ScriptSearch The World Largest CGI Library. On the site: library CGI-screepts, catalogue and search machine for search applets, screepts and program codes on a number of the programming languages.

  19.  Search Engines Worldwide.  On the site: the catalogue of search machines containing the references to 570 machines from 112 countries.

  20. Search Spaniel. Metasearch system, the thematic catalogue, in which each heading is offered the set for a choice of search systems. The results of search can be both in acommon window, and in various for each chosen system.

  21. SeniorsSearch. The catalogue of sites publishing the information for the people of the senior age and the pensioners, on categories: travels, discounts, health services, hobby.

  22. SiFMuG Universal Interface to Others. The universal interface for search of the information with the help of a plenty of search machines. The choice of the machine and thematic area of search is given.

  23. SingleSites. The catalogue of the links on the sites of conjugal agencies and services of acquaintances.

  24. SharewareJunkies. The Catalogue free- and shareware of the software for Windows, Unix, Macintosh, OS/2, Novell, DOS etc. There are user descriptions and estimations  of the programs. It is possible to subscribe for weekly release of new receipts.

  25. Shareware Zone, Galt Shareware Zone, hottest shareware downloads.  The catalogue and archive shareware of the software, reviews of the programs and loading. listing 15 popular programs and 20 games.

  26. Slavic world in the Internet. The catalogues of resources on every possible themes of cultural, public and economic life. An exit in national search and help systems, and also in electronic archives. The hierarchically organized historical informations. Geographical maps. The information about weather. The catalogues of resources on every possible themes of cultural, public and economic life. An exit in national search and help systems, and also in electronic archives. The hierarchically organized historical informations. Geographical maps. The information about weather. The catalogues of resources on every possible themes of cultural, public and economic life. An exit in national search and help systems, and also in electronic archives. The hierarchically organized historical informations. Geographical maps. The information about weather.

  27. Sportlinks.  Sports resources for those who are serious about athletic competition! If you are actively involved in athletics, the Sportslink directory offers an extensive, up-to-date sports information and education resource specifically for you. The directory contains hundreds of comprehensive links to assist competitors, coaches, trainers, researchers, educators, psychologists and the athletic medical community.

  28. Strategian  The Strategic Guide to guality information in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, medicine, physics, and psychology.

  29. Science From Around the World - Astronomy to Zoology  is a directory listing of science related resources on the internet. If you would like to have a site added please the suggest a site link to drop us a note. Our 3 main areas are 1) Featured Sites which include some of the more popular science sites (NASA, Discover, 2) Science Links which is broken down into sub categories (astronomy, biology, chemistry, etc) and offers a lot of independent sites, excellent for researching specific topics. and 3) Kid Science offering as many wholesome, science related, kid links we can find, and a few thrown in just for fun. 

  30. SciTechResources. The government catalog that provides the scientist, engineer, and technologist with easy, one-stop access to key U.S. Government web resources. Thousands of web sites are being reviewed to select just those sites that will provide valuable links to government expertise, services, laboratories, information centers, and other important resources.When you search this site, you are not searching millions of web pages. Rather, you are searching a database catalog containing descriptions of just those government web sites that are key entry points to government science and technology resources.

  31. SmellTheCoffee. The catalogue of the links the sites of shops of coffee, cafe and Internet-cafe in USA. The information about a history and kinds of coffee grains. A collection of the recipes of preparation of coffee. Chat and debatable forums about coffee.

  32. Statistics.  Statistical resources on the Web. The catalogue of sites publishing the statistical data on themes: an agriculture, business and industry, cost of life, demography, policy, government, health.

  33. Teacher/Pathfinder Education Village. The catalogue of information resources Internet, intended for the teachers, students and parents. Among  themes: school reform, preschool education, materials for the school program in Internet, work for the teachers, professional training of the teachers.

  34. Teams of the world. The World Football Foundation welcomes you to constantly-improving database on the WWW. This work, currently including information from 60 countries around the world and 6405 football clubs, is just the first part of our project to chronicle the history and current events of the world's biggest sport. Please come in and look around! You will find information about the WFF and  projects, as well as the world's largest web-based international club directory.

  35. Theatre-link. The catalogue of the sites connected to theatre, theatrical performances. The brief descriptions of the contents of sites.

  36. The Java Phone Book. The catalogue  of sites devoted Java, JavaScript and Java applet.

  37. The Ultimate Chatlist. The catalogue of the references on Chat-sites on categories: art, business, education, entertainment, games, health, house and garden, computer, music, sports, travel, trade.  

  38. Travel Notes. The tourist directory on the countries and cities of the world. The individual offers on joint tourism. The catalogue of the links on other tourist sites with the brief summaries.

  39. Ultimates. The catalogue of telephones and addresses of the persons in USA, information on the American companies, information on routes of travels with the references to the appropriate sites, catalogue E-mail of addresses worldwide. 

  40. USA CityLink.The  Since 1994, this has been the internet's most comprehensive listing of states and cities offering information on travel, tourism, and relocation. The site offer detailed city guides as well as official and independent city and state websites. 

  41. Virtual Tourist.The catalogue of sites organized on regions and the countries of the world with the brief information on the country. Interactive converters of time and exchange. A posibility to reservation of numbers in hotels of the world through Internet.

  42. Visual Art of Russia ( Web Ring).  Web ring uniting virtual gallery exposing picturesque, photographic works mainly of Russian authors. The ring is open not only for exhibitions of original works, but also for the educational resources on fine art of Russia. There is a Russian version.

  43. WDIG.  Welcome to the Walt Disney Internet Group's (WDIG) information site.This Website has been created to assist you in retrieving information about WDIG.Information retrieval site - new joint project of the companies Go Network and Walt Disney, example of the future merges between traditional and new mass media. 

  44. W3 Search Engines. On the site: the catalogue of search machines, systems and catalogues including specialized. For some the search forms are given. Some headings of the catalogue: information servers, software, people, publications, news/FAQs, documentation.

  45. Weather.Yahoo! Weather in many cities of the world. Maps from the companion. Search.

  46. Webmaster Only. The catalogue of annotated sites for the webmaster: creation and run-up of sites, archives java scripts, CGI scripts on Perl.  

  47. Web Search Internet Guide and Directory. The search system, thematic catalogue and search machine on key words and phrases. The heading of the most popular sites ' TOP 1 % ' Winners is conducted.

  48. WildThings. Resources for adventure travel,environmental and extreme sports information. 

  49. World World. The catalogue of the links on official governmental sites on countries of the world, sites of news, thematic selection of the links.

  50. WWW Virtual Library Museums. The catalogue of virtual museums and sites of museums and galleries. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  51. Webtender. The Database, in which hundreds recipes of diverse drinks are included: from cocktails up to coffee and from drinks for supper up to milk. There is a search machine. It is possible to enter the own firm recipe. 

  52. Wiley InterScience. The access in a mode on-line to several hundreds scientific, technical, medical and professional journals is grantiven to the Visitors of a site. The catalogue is supplied with the subject index and search system.

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